It is now November 14th and the 33rd annual MLB Free Agent signing party is upon us! And there’s good news for Baltimore Orioles fans: It appears very unlikely that prized free agent Mark Teixeira will be going to the Yankees.

The Yankees traded for Nick Swisher, formerly of the Chicago White Sox, and he is expected to play first base. The Yankees could, of course, trade, bench or move Swisher to the OF to make room for Teixeira but logic stands to reason that they will be pointing their considerable resources elsewhere. Most likely, towards lefty C.C. Sabathia.

This is good for the Orioles for many reasons. It takes one of the most motivated and capable suitors out of the running. And while the Boston Red Sox could still sign Teixeira, it reduces the chances that he would wind up on an opposing team in the division by 50%.

But the Orioles have other matters to address. To compliment a Teixeira signing, or as a substitute for, could they add a veteran pitcher or two? A.J. Burnett has been the subject of many rumors but might Ben Sheets or Derek Lowe be just as good an option? Lowe has talent and impressive durability, something the Orioles could really use in their starting rotation, while Sheets just has talent. Granted, Lowe lacks youth.

Whatever happens, the Orioles have the opportunity to improve their team. That is if they can convince players to take their money, if they are willing to spend that money and if the price is right. But the options are there. That was not the case last year when Carlos Silva was the best pitcher available and, outside of Alex Rodriguez and Barry Bonds, Tori Hunter was the best hitter. Despite this, players still got paid which is a little scary to think about what this offseason could hold.

Additions are only one matter that the Orioles must worry about. There is also the question of if they need to make any subtractions. Aubrey Huff*, who was honored on Thursday with the American League Sliver Slugger at DH, and star 2B Brian Roberts are in the last year of their contracts. The players, who were noticeably absent from the unveiling of the team’s new uniforms on Wednesday, could each command over 10 million dollars a year.

* Trivia question: Name the last Oriole, and the year he won, to win a Sliver Slugger. I will acknowledge the correct answer when someone gets it.