“We have had discussions with [Mark Teixeira’s] representative,” Baltimore Orioles President Andy MacPhail told the Baltimore Sun. This news must be a great relief for fans who have salivated over the slugger for months, even if it remains to be seen how serious the Orioles are and how serious Scott Boras and Teixeira are.

The consensus is that it will take over 100 million, spread out at least over five seasons, to land the first baseman. There are questions too, as to if he is really worth it. His homerun production has topped out at 33 each of the past three seasons. Nice production, but its uniqueness takes a hit when it comes from first base. He does walk a lot, which robs him of some homeruns, but in my mind he is not the player you stake the franchise on.

Still, these are desperate times for the Orioles. Through 100 games, the team was 49-51 last season. That is pretty good for a rebuilding team. But the rest of the way, the club was a dreadful 19-47. Yes, the bullpen was imploded and there were injuries and other unfortunate things. But what separates good teams from bad teams is a good team’s ability to overcome adversity.

Back to my point, the Orioles are desperate. At this point they should probably sign anyone that will take their money. Not anyone: that strategy has been tried in the past. But if they can get someone like Teixeira they have to do it. Even if it means overpaying.